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Who can contribute

Organisations and individuals working to advance children's rights can contribute to the Wiki. This includes international and national NGOs, Children's Ombudspersons, legal organisations, governmental organisations and academics, among others. Contributors should:

  • be committed to advancing all the rights in the Convention on the Rights of the Child be prepared to provide CRIN *staff with evidence of authentication (e.g. certificate of organisational status) when requested

We value all contributions, but particularly welcome:

  • Contributions from active members of CRIN;
  • Contributions about neglected areas of children's rights, i.e. issues about which little research exists, on which few organisations work and/ or articles of the Convention on the Rights of the Child have not yet been interpreted. This is to avoid duplication of work being undertaken elsewhere, and to ensure that the full range of children's rights violations are brought to international attention.
  • Organisations listed within the Wiki pages are considered contributors and may share information and / or participate in joint advocacy. CRIN has no financial relationship with organisations listed.

Thank you.